The Original Gripper ® Plug Remains A Great Choice

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The Original Gripper ® Plug Remains A Great Choice

When you’re out in the field doing testing, sampling, or pipe rehabilitation, you’ll occasionally need to block or plug a pipe. Our original Gripper ® plug is a great choice for a wide range of applications, especially when you’re working in tight quarters or the pipe is difficult to reach.

At PrimeLine Products, we stock a full range of Original Gripper ® pipeline plugs for all of your projects.

Range of Sizes

The Original Gripper ® mechanical pipeline plugs are available in sizes to fit residential and light commercial pipes. They don’t lose any of their inflation pressure, and each size fits pipes within plus or minus one inch, so they can handle some variability in case of mineral scale or other buildups within the pipe.

Easy to Use

We offer two types of Original Gripper ® plugs. Choose the in-pipe option, which can be placed anywhere in the pipe. The end-of-pipe style fits at the opening of the pipe. Each style offers full restraint against gasses and liquids for pipe testing, maintenance, repair, and sampling. Both types of the Original Gripper ® work with our pipeline plug tools and accessories for easy installation and retrieval.

Wide Range of Uses

Use the Original Gripper ® in pipes that contain acidic, alkaline, or corrosive substances. They resist damage from petroleum and other types of chemicals. They’re compatible with pipes made of cast iron, PVC, concrete, steel, and more. We recommend them for drain, waste, and vent testing. Pair them with our pipeline plug accessories for extended and complex projects.

Improve productivity and efficiency in the field with our mechanical and pneumatic plugs. Our associates at PrimeLine Products are available to make product recommendations and to provide additional specifications about the Original Gripper ® plugs and pipeline accessories.

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