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MaxLiner HotKick

When you need a quick and cost-effective way to perform lateral pipe lining, consider the Maxliner HotKick available through us at Primeline Products. This essential piece of trenchless equipment acts as a mobile heating system to cure resin in the pipe liner. Understanding the Maxliner HotKick’s top features helps you make an informed purchasing decision for your contracting business.

Access Remote Pipes

The Maxliner HotKick’s design facilitates mobility. Your crew can easily roll it to pipe access points located hundreds of yards from any road, path, or structure. Its small footprint and moderate weight can allow a crew of two or three technicians to easily maneuver this trenchless pipe lining equipment down basement stairs and other tight spaces. The Maxliner HotKick can also be set up for stationary use at worksites.

Cure Resin at Low Temperatures

With the Maxliner HotKick, your crew can cure resin in less time at low temperatures. The HotKick quickly heats and achieves a temperature increase of 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit at a water flow rate of five gallons per minute. Its maximum temperature of 203 degrees Fahrenheit cures any type or thickness of resin in your preferred epoxy pipe lining products.

Repair More Pipes

These pipe lining systems can help you rehabilitate more pipes in less time. The HotKick works on pipes measuring up to eight inches in diameter, which includes all residential and many commercial pipes. We recommend the HotKick for use in all pipe materials, including clay, cast iron, PVC, concrete, and more. The built-in manometer allows you to monitor water circulation, WHILE the encased ball valves, watertight plug and four supply and return hoses ensure a rapid project completion.

For more details about the Maxliner HotKick or any of our other trenchless equipment for sale, reach out to us at Primeline Products! Feel free to get in touch with our team for any questions you have. Contact us today!



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