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The QuickPatch LED Packers from Sewertronics embody innovation in the field of trenchless pipe repairs. These cutting-edge packers bring a host of features and benefits that redefine the efficiency of UV LED curing for sewer repair procedures.

Innovative Features

At the heart of the QuickPatch LED Packers lies a set of remarkable features designed to handle diverse tasks in the pipe curing process seamlessly. From carrying the lining patch to its destination to inflating it and irradiating it with UV light, this system boasts a comprehensive approach. What sets it apart is the shadowless design that ensures full light exposure to the entire target area simultaneously. The inclusion of internal sensors and emergency stop controls adds an extra layer of safety and precision.

Tailored Specifications for Versatile Applications

The QuickPatch LED Packers cater to a wide range of applications with their availability in four size ranges, accommodating pipe diameters from DN80 to DN600. Moreover, these components are compatible with select SpeedyLight+ LED systems, offering versatility and flexibility to contractors.

Precision and Speed

Contractors reap the rewards of the QuickPatch LED Packers through its surgical methodology and impressive speed. Equipped with video detection technology, these packers assist plumbers in pinpointing the target area, ensuring accuracy and positive results. The shadowless design and strategically arranged LEDs contribute to curing most applications in a single session of five minutes or less, significantly reducing project timelines.

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