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Pow-R Wrap

Choosing the right trenchless equipment is pivotal for success. At PrimeLine Products, we understand the concerns about the costs of pipe restoration, and that’s why we highly recommend top-tier pipe lining systems such as the Pow-R Wrap as a cost-effective solution. Delving into the benefits of Pow-R Wrap enables you to make informed decisions that positively impact both your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Rapid Curing Time

Acknowledging your customers’ desire for minimal plumbing downtime, Pow-R Wrap aligns seamlessly with our trenchless equipment, ensuring swift curing times. Activated with water, the fiberglass material cures within a mere 90 minutes. This not only reduces project completion time but also elevates your productivity, ultimately satisfying your customers.

Resilience in Harsh Conditions

Pipes in disrepair often inhabit harsh environments, and Pow-R Wrap rises to the occasion. Maintaining strength at temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, it effortlessly handles the pressure levels found in standard municipal water mains. Endorsed by the EPA for use on potable water lines, Pow-R Wrap stands as a top-tier trenchless pipe lining equipment because of its resilience against challenging conditions.

Versatile Pipe Repair

While epoxy pipe lining products are renowned for trenchless repairs, Pow-R Wrap provides a versatile solution for pipes that aren’t lining-compatible. Whether dealing with wet or dry pipes made of clay, cast iron, PVC, concrete, copper, rubber, or steel, Pow-R Wrap offers a reliable fix. It efficiently addresses small issues on pipe or hose exteriors and proves effective on rusted or corroded pipes. Notably, Pow-R Wrap remains steadfast on both underwater and underground pipes.

Explore Pow-R Wrap and other trenchless equipment for sale at PrimeLine Products. We can help you elevate your pipe rehabilitation projects. Talk to us today to delve deeper into the advantages of Pow-R Wrap and discover our comprehensive range of trenchless equipment, materials, and accessories!



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