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SpeedyLight+ LED

SpeedyLight UV Curing Now Available from PrimeLine Products

PrimeLine Products now offers the SpeedyLight+, a UV light for curing pipes. This compact piece of equipment cures pipes up to five times faster than traditional pipe curing methods. We’re excited to bring this line of new technology to our customers, and we look forward to helping your contracting business become fully trained on these state-of-the-art curing systems.

What Is the SpeedyLight+?

The SpeedyLight+ is a portable curing system. It uses LEDs on the patent-pending head. A flexible hose allows us to deploy the head through the pipe to fully cure the resin. The slim head fits into any residential, commercial, or industrial pipe. This affords contractors the ability to utilize fast light curing technology for both laterals and mainlines.

Features of the SpeedyLight+

The SpeedyLight+ navigates 90-degree bends in pipes as small as four inches in diameter. Its fast speed of up to 3.3 feet per minute allows your crew to cure a five-story pipe segment in just 20 minutes. Because it uses less than 50% of the power of other curing methods, it minimizes resource use. The SpeedyLight+ weighs just 150 pounds and features wheels for easy transportation.

Benefits of Adding the SpeedyLight+ System to Your Equipment

The SpeedyLight line of UV Curing products allows you to complete large and complex projects that you might not otherwise have the capacity to do. With the SpeedyLight+, your crew can cure vertical, horizontal, or mixed runs of pipes. The UV cures felt and GFRP liners, which allow you to expand your range of pipe lining options and your base of customers. Given the low power consumption of its LED technology, a SpeedyLight+ system can be powered from standard 220V mains or basically from any standard electrical source.

Why PrimeLine Products Is the Trusted Choice for the SpeedyLight+

PrimeLine is proud to bring SpeedyLight’s line of UV Curing products to our clients. It has opened distribution to only the most trustworthy dealers with extensive experience in the pipe rehabilitation service industry. Our company is honored to be selected as a dealer of the SpeedyLight+. Our company has had the highest quality standards for over 20 years, and all of our technicians are professionally trained and certified. We deliver accurate estimates and an excellent experience during every interaction. As a family-owned and operated business for over 20 years, we look forward to helping your company grow.

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