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Facing the challenges of addressing leaky or damaged lateral connections are normal in the contracting business. The key to successful project outcomes lies in having the right lateral pipe lining equipment. Fortunately, modern technology has paved the way for accurate and precise pipe reinstatement and repair, even at considerable depths and distances from the surface.

At PrimeLine Products, we offer an extensive selection of equipment such as the Picote connection collar–all designed specifically for lateral connection repair–along with valuable product guidance from our team of subject matter experts.

Pinpoint Accuracy

The lateral pipe lining‘s sealed lens is a crucial component that prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from affecting the video feed. This feature ensures high accuracy and precision during the repair process. With real-time images, your crew can pinpoint the exact location of the problem within the lateral line. This eliminates the need for guesswork or estimation, providing reliable information through our lateral pipe liners.

Impressive Versatility

Our lateral lining materials and robotic equipment are designed to address a wide range of issues commonly found in lateral sewer pipes. Whether dealing with tree root intrusion, joint misalignment, cracks, corrosion-induced holes, or extensive abrasions and rust, our solutions are tailored to handle each unique situation. Lining and sealing the lateral pipe not only resolves these issues but also protects the local environment, eliminating concerns related to sewage leaks, backflow, and foul odors from sewer gasses.

Remote Guidance

One standout feature of our lateral pipe lining system is its remote guidance capability. This system allows your operator to stand in a safe and convenient location while guiding the robot through the process of repairing the lateral connection. With intuitive joystick controls, the operator navigates the robot through twists and turns in the pipe. The equipment provides real-time information about the tool’s location and offers a video feed, enabling a clear view of the pipe’s condition.

For comprehensive information about lateral connection repair methods, lateral pipe lining supplies, and equipment, visit our online store. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us today at PrimeLine Products. We’re here to assist you in achieving successful lateral connection repairs!



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