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Pipeline plugs

When installing, rehabilitating, or inspecting a pipe, your crew may need to block an opening on a short-term or long-term basis. At PrimeLine Products, we offer a wide range of pneumatic and mechanical pipeline plugs for a variety of applications.

Let’s take a closer look at the unique features of these plugs.


Our mechanical and pneumatic plugs offer cost-effectiveness. Your crew can reuse them on multiple testing and inspection projects. This reduces your per-project costs and minimizes the amount of waste your business generates. Our plugs work for a wide range of applications, including bypassing, blocking, testing sewer air, capping, cleaning, and more.

Accommodate Most Pipe Sizes

We offer a wide range of sizes in our pipeline plugs. They accommodate pipes ranging in size from two to more than 12 inches in diameter. The pneumatic pipe plugs each fit a range of pipe sizes, while our mechanical plugs fit a specific diameter of pipe.

Easy to Install and Remove

Save time with our pipeline plug tools. These tools make it fast and easy to install and remove a pneumatic or mechanical pipe plug. Our selection of tools includes hoses, test pumps, poly lift-lines, and more.


Our pipeline plugs don’t interact with the gases, solids, and fluids in pipelines. Even when exposed to alkaline, acidic, corrosive, or other harsh substances, the plugs do not degrade. The plugs feature safety ratings for use in potable water lines.

Our vast selection of plugs and pipeline plug accessories ensures that your crew has everything for each test, inspection, and repair. Our team offers expert guidance on choosing the right plug and accessories for each project. To learn more about the features of our pipe plugs, get in touch with us at PrimeLine Products.



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