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Lateral pipe lining materials

When your customer’s lateral connection rusts, corrodes, cracks, or otherwise fails, they’ll need a prompt repair by skilled technicians equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. Our lateral pipe lining products include equipment specifically designed for lateral connection repairs.

Minimal Restoration

Instead of cutting into a customer’s drywall, brick, or plaster and lathe interior, the lateral pipe lining system allows you to deploy the equipment through any existing opening. Your customer’s building or residents remain intact, with minimal to no restoration required after the lateral connection repair.

No Excavation

When you use our lateral lining materials and connection repair equipment, you don’t have to excavate. This preserves the customer’s driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot. It also protects landscaping. No excavation also means minimal cleanup or lawn repair upon project completion.

Save Time

With our lateral connection repair equipment, your crew will complete each repair in 50% less time compared to traditional pipe repair methods. This means minimal downtime for your customers. Pairing our repair equipment with the Maxliner lateral lining system allows you to fully rehabilitate a damaged pipe in a matter of hours. Faster project completion also allows you to assist more clients.

Reduce Costs

Our affordable lateral pipe lining supplies and equipment only require a small investment. These efficient tools provide an excellent return and only need minimal maintenance between projects. You can pass the savings on to your customers and invest more in your business.

Lateral connection repair is one of the most challenging tasks for any plumbing contractor. We aim to make it as easy as possible by providing long-lasting, reliable, and precise equipment. Reach out to us at PrimeLine Products for more information about the advantages of our lateral pipe lining equipment for connection repair!



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