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SpeedyLight+ LED curing system

UV light curing is a prime solution for trenchless repairs, effectively addressing essential client needs with speed, low maintenance, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. More than just a swift option, UV LED curing also proves to be an affordable choice, earning its place in the Primeline Trenchless premium plumbing tools, equipment, and product lineup.

Streamlined Efficiency Through Minimized Manpower Requirements

UV curing methods aid in cost reduction by minimizing manpower consumption. Unlike deploying a large team to handle hefty, expensive equipment, the SpeedyLight system ensures easy setup and takedown. Weighing in at around 150 pounds with sturdy wheels, it can be effortlessly maneuvered to the desired location.

Maximized Results With Low Operating Cost

In any industry, overall operating cost is a pivotal metric, and trenchless plumbing is no exception. With equipment in constant use, even a minor change in operating cost can significantly impact quarterly bottom lines. The SpeedyLight+ LED excels in this aspect, boasting low power consumption, minimal maintenance needs, and rapid action. Utilizing only a fraction of the power compared to conventional curing alternatives, it achieves a speed of over 3 feet per minute, substantially reducing service time.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency Solution Through Eliminated Emissions and Cut Cleanup

UV pipe curing solutions contribute to cost savings by eliminating emissions and streamlining cleanup. With virtually no impact on the environment or the work site, this technology eliminates the need for extensive preventative measures and reduces cleanup efforts, saving both time and resources.

Your One-Stop for Prime Trenchless Technology

While SpeedyLight stands out as one of our innovative and popular items, it’s just one of the many solutions in the comprehensive product lineup we offer through our online store. As your one-stop destination for prime plumbing technology, we provide a range of select products suitable for any trenchless contractor.

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