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Avanti chemical grouting

Avanti chemical grouting is a trusted solution for halting groundwater and soil intrusion. Renowned for marked longevity, unparalleled performance, and sheer cost-effectiveness, Avanti chemical grouts, available at PrimeLine Products, can ensure the success of your joint or manhole sealing projects.

Strong and Durable

The application of Avanti’s chemical grouts, complemented by our range of chemical grouting accessories and equipment, guarantees exceptional strength and durability. Avanti products boast unparalleled compressive strength, making them ideal for crack injection. Resilient against abrasion, shifting, pressure, and the expansion/contraction dynamics of metal pipes, these grouts establish a permanent bond, preventing any unwanted substances from infiltrating or escaping.

Wide Range of Uses

Avanti chemical grouting products are recommended across a diverse range of applications. Whether repairing or installing underground fiber optics, conduits, or phone and cable lines, Avanti grouts excel in halting moisture intrusion. Ideal for manhole and joint sealing, these grouts effectively sequester hazardous spills and stabilize loose, sandy soil. Avanti grouts reach the highest standards for sealing joints and segments on underground storage tanks, including those for petroleum and septic systems.

Easy Application and Fast Curing Time

The user-friendly application process of Avanti chemical grouting products simplifies the mixing and loading phases with our coordinating tools. Once applied, these grouts boast a fast curing time, significantly enhancing your project’s productivity.

When dealing with plumbing infrastructure, having the right chemical grouting supplies is paramount as it can make or break your project. Avanti chemical grouting products guarantee a long-lasting and successful project. For product specifications or guidance tailored to your upcoming projects, talk to us at PrimeLine Products today!



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