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Trelleborg joint seals

PrimeLine Products always strives to offer a complete range of solutions, but we also have high standards for our limited selection. That’s why we continue to carry Trelleborg joint seals as part of our trenchless equipment for sale. Their range of exceptional products covers all the essentials without leaving you overwhelmed with unnecessary options.

Designed with a Standard

Trelleborg maintains high standards for their products, which is why we can recommend them to plumbers with confidence. Their polymer-based resins, concrete materials, and other epoxy pipe lining products are the result of a carefully-controlled production process. With other product lines in motor vehicles and aircraft applications, Trelleborg has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional products.

A Solution for Every Seal

Our offering of Trelleborg trenchless pipe lining equipment covers four broad categories: internal, external, chimney, and liner end.

Internal Joint Seals

These internal seals utilize a rubber seal to prevent infiltration from increases in groundwater pressure. It’s compatible with many material types, including concrete, cast iron, steel, vitrified clay, and PVC. There are also several options when it comes to dimensions, including a massive diameter range and three different widths.

External Pipe Seals

Much like the internal seals, Trelleborg’s complimenting external seals are also available in many different dimensions. The rubber used has a tested tensile strength of 1580 psi with a five-fold elongation before breaking.

FlexRib Frame – Chimney Seals

Sealing access points with a chimney seal can be just as important for preventing infiltration as a joint or external seal. Trelleborg’s FlexRib Frame uses a patented Waveband that can concentrate compressive forces to facilitate interaction between the band and the base.

Liner End Seals

A solid liner cap is an indispensable component in all pipe lining systems. Trelleborg’s unique design features patented slotted expansion bands. Like their other products, it’s built for ease of installation as well as long-lasting and reliable results.

Top Trenchless Tools and More

Primeline Products includes a number of Trelleborg packers, plugs, and other trenchless equipment because of their good reputation, wide effective range, and drive for innovation. We also facilitate brand adoption with advanced training programs that help plumbers master new technology and methods in no time. Contact us today for foolproof trenchless solutions!



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