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As one of the leading innovators and manufacturers in the industry, Cherne is a name that many trenchless professionals already know. Their range of trenchless solutions covers everything from testing equipment to pipeline plug accessories. Primeline Products takes pride in including many of their equipment lines as part of our select product line-up each year.

A Name in Trenchless History

Cherne has been a big name in the waterworks and plumbing industry for more than 60 years, so it’s one that many people trust. The company specializes in pipeline plug tools and is widely recognized as a quality leader and technological innovator. They continue to perfect their classic product lines and develop their range of solutions when appropriate.

Find the Right Cherne Solution

One of the first practical reasons to consider Cherne’s plugs and accessories is to take advantage of the range of options available. They offer a diverse selection of alternatives among pneumatic plugs, including the Clean-Seal with a natural rubber body and the Pillow-Style made with elastic urethane.

The Cherene catalog also includes a healthy selection of mechanical pipeline plugs for all kinds of applications. The Original Gripper is a popular classic, but there are more heavy-duty alternatives like the Iron Grip and more specialized designs like the T-Handle or Hub-Fit Gripper.

Reputation for Reliability

The other main reason to consider Cherne pipeline plugs is the brand’s commitment to quality and durability. Their packers and related equipment are designed to hold up under demanding situations and consistently perform their job. Material compositions are often specially designed to resist corrosion and damage to prolong their lifespan.

Feel free to purchase any of these products via our online store. Of course, full knowledge and proper operation of the entire trenchless system changes everything. That’s why PrimeLine Products offers information-packed training opportunities for clients who use our products. 

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