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Picote coating system

The Picote pipe coating system provides a cost-effective and reliable solution when you need to renovate drains or sewers. This type of trenchless equipment allows you to expand your range of services and accomplish more projects in less time and is available through us here at PrimeLine Products.

Let’s take a look at the Picote coating system’s applications and when it’s the right choice for your project.

Spot Repairs

In some cases, your customer’s pipe will only have a small area of damage. You can save your customer money and reduce time spent on the project by using the Picote trenchless pipe lining equipment for a spot repair. It also lines pipe connections, which reduces leaking at joints and fittings.

Restore Whole Pipes

Picote’s pipe lining systems are an efficient and effective solution for your customer’s entire pipe rehabilitation needs. They work on pipes and junctions measuring up to six inches in diameter, which includes all residential and many light commercial pipes. This method of trenchless pipe repair allows you to restore the whole pipe in a matter of hours, and no excavation is needed.

Protect Pipes from Damage

The Picote pipe lining machine, mini miller, and epoxy pipe lining products work together to protect pipes from additional damage. If your customer’s pipes have started to corrode, coating them with epoxy resin eliminates the risk of additional corrosion. Pipes that experience frequent abrasion or exposure to acidic or alkaline substances also benefit from epoxy coating.

The Picote pipe coating system works on all residential and most light commercial drains, sewer lines, and pipes. By restoring the pipe and protecting it from additional damage, the Picote system provides lasting value. For more information about the Picote coating system and our other trenchless equipment for sale, turn to PrimeLine Products.

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