Key Attributes That Make T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® Plugs The Superior Choice

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There is always a need for swift and precise sewer line fixing, inspection, or testing, which is why dependable pipeline plugs are always at a premium. At PrimeLine Products, we manufacture a diverse array of plugs tailored for various applications, one of which is the T-Handle Aluminum Gripper plugs. Let’s take a quick look at why it should be your top choice.


Our T-Handle Aluminum Gripper mechanical pipeline plugs exhibit outstanding performance even under challenging conditions. Constructed with aluminum bodies that resist corrosion, enhanced by zinc plating for added strength, and equipped with neoprene O-rings for secure seals even in extreme temperatures, these plugs can endure substantial temperature fluctuations, impacts, abrasion, as well as exposure to corrosive, acidic, or alkaline chemicals.


The T-Handle Aluminum Gripper plugs are designed to seamlessly fit into pipes ranging from 6 to 18 inches in diameter, accommodating pipes with and without bypasses. Like all of our pipeline plug accessories, these plugs are rigorously tested in various environments, including underground wells, petroleum and chemical storage tanks, sewer mains and lateral lines, septic systems, and tanks, these plugs are suitable for deployment in both dry and wet pipes, eliminating the need for extensive pipe or tank cleaning or preparation.


Ease of installation and removal is paramount–especially under demanding conditions. The T-handle design of our Gripper plugs facilitates convenient installation, even when wearing gloves. Your team won’t require any specialized tools for plug installation or removal. Similar to our pneumatic plugs, these plugs seamlessly function in pipes crafted from concrete, clay, and plastic materials.

Enhance safety, efficiency, and performance during sewer testing, repairs, and maintenance with our T-Handle Aluminum Gripper plugs. These plugs, along with their corresponding accessories, are set to become an indispensable component of your crew’s toolkit.

Go over to our online store for a selection of plugs for your next project. For further details on our T-handle Aluminum Gripper plugs or any of our additional pipeline plug tools or accessories, please feel free to reach out to us at PrimeLine Products today!



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