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When your team is tasked with maintaining, testing, or repairing manholes, joints, or pipelines, having dependable manhole and joint sealing products is crucial for ensuring safety and efficacy. Fortunately, you can rely on Trelleborg internal seals because they enable your crew to prevent the infiltration of groundwater, silt, and soil, while also halting the exfiltration of sewage, water, other fluids, and gasses from the manhole or pipeline.

PrimeLine Products offers a comprehensive array of Trelleborg joint seals. Before making your selection, here’s what you should be aware of regarding these vital seals.


Trelleborg internal seals boast a robust rubber perimeter, which, when combined with chemical grouting supplies, fosters an airtight and watertight bond between the manhole’s opening and its cone. Available in various sizes and widths to accommodate 18-inch to 122-inch pipes and standard manhole openings, these seals can be customized with nitrile to further suit your specific needs if your application calls for an alternative material.


Our Trelleborg internal joint seals and chemical grouting products effectively compress against the joint of two pipes and expand to counteract escalating groundwater pressure. Suitable for use in PVC, HDPE, concrete, vitrified clay, steel, ductile, cast iron, and reinforced concrete pipes, these seals are available in standard configurations, as well as elliptical and arched shapes, upon request.


Trelleborg joint seals are engineered to prevent the leaching of any harmful chemicals, rendering them safe for use in or near potable water lines. These reusable seals boast an extended lifespan and can be paired with Avanti chemical grouting products to enhance their durability.

Trelleborg internal seals contribute to efficiency, precision, and safety in the field. Their compatibility with an extensive range of materials and sizes positions them as an optimal solution for sealing manholes and joints.

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