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How Mechanical Pipeline Plugs Benefit Your Projects

When you’re in need of versatile plugs that are easy to install, come in a range of sizes and perform a variety of functions, mechanical pipeline plugs are a wise choice. The tight fit of these plugs makes them ideal for blocking, but they’re also useful for other field applications.

Our team at Primeline Products, Inc. stocks a full selection of Cherne plugs, including the Original Gripper, Hub Fit, Clean-Out, T-Handle, Econo-Grip, and more. Here’s a look at how they can benefit your projects!

Easy to Install

Unlike pneumatic plugs, the mechanical type requires no inflation or deflation. To install it, you hand-tighten it. The durable grip works with bare and gloved hands. The plugs range in size from 0.39 to 18 inches, so there’s a size to fit every pipe you may ever need to bypass, test, or inspect.


Mechanical plug products can be used multiple times. If your company does a lot of testing and leak detection services, you won’t need to buy a new plug for each product. Even if you use our rugged pipeline plug tools to place and remove the plugs, they’ll withstand the harsh underground environment as well as torsion and extreme temperatures.


When you need to permanently plug a lateral line or bypass a pipe for months or even years, a mechanical plug is the right choice. If you ever need to remove a mechanical plug, even after it has been in place for years, our pipeline plug accessories make it easy to do.

No matter what your project entails, you’ll find the right pipeline plugs at Primeline Products, Inc. Our customer care team is always available to discuss the project with you and help you select the right plug for each task.

Contact us any time for additional information about the benefits of mechanical plugs or for product specifications.

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