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How Robotic Cutters Aid in Lateral Rehabilitation

The trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry makes use of a type of sophisticated robot known as lateral cutters. These precision-engineered robots feature remote guidance systems that facilitate smooth and speedy repairs between sewer mains and lateral connections. At Primeline Products, we specialize in providing robotic cutting units that reinstate residential and commercial lateral lines.

Here’s how they can aid you in lateral rehabilitation.

Remote Guidance

Instead of having to excavate a large trench to reinstate a lateral line, robotic cutters allow your team to create just one or two access pits. The robot’s small footprint allows it to easily move through the pipe. You can control it with a joystick or other similar interface.

Clear Visual Information

A key feature of our Flex cutter system is its camera. The sealed lens prevents moisture from fogging the glass. With the camera, your team can see exactly where the cuts need to be made for reinstating the lateral to the main line. This saves time and ensures accuracy and precision.

Multiple Cutting Functions

You may need a different type of cutting head for each project you perform. Instead of purchasing a different robotic cutter for each type of lateral pipe you reinstate, make use of the flexibility of our reinstatement cutting system. It’s compatible with multiple heads. Use it to cut through small or large pipes. The robot’s powerful motor allows it to cut through large laterals.

As the plumbing infrastructure ages and residential and commercial developments spread into new areas, robotic cutters will play a primary role in increasing and maintaining plumbing services. These tools make it easier for your business to provide essential services to your customers. Fill out our contact form today for more information about our robotic cutting units for lateral reinstatement.

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