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When you need to perform leak or bypass testing or conduct an inspection on a pipe, you need reliable pipeline plugs. At PrimeLine Products, we offer both pneumatic and mechanical plugs to suit a variety of projects and field conditions.


Before you select a plug for a project, you need to consider the application. For a short-term need, such as testing a pipe, a pneumatic plug facilitates accuracy and precision. We suggest a pneumatic plug for tests that take a few hours to a few days. If you need the plug to remain in place for months or even years, we recommend mechanical pipeline plugs.

Installation and Removal Method

A mechanical plug only requires hand tightening, and you won’t need any additional pipeline plug accessories to install or remove it from the pipe. To place a pneumatic plug into a pipe, you’ll need an air pump to inflate the device. We offer both hand-operated and powered pumps to inflate the plugs.

Pipe Size

A mechanical plug fits into one size of pipe. You’ll need to have an accurate measurement of the pipe’s diameter to ensure that the plug fits and forms a tight seal against air and moisture intrusion. We stock mechanical plugs to fit nearly all sizes of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal pipelines. If you can’t get an accurate measurement of the pipe’s diameter, a pneumatic plug paired with our pipeline plug tools provides you with some flexibility. The pneumatic plug products fit a range of pipe diameters.

Both mechanical and pneumatic plugs allow you to safely and effectively test and inspect pipes. Choosing between these types of plugs presents a challenge so head on over to our online store. You may also consult our customer care team that is always available for product guidance. For more information about our products or to place an order, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products!



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