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Trenchless tools

Trenchless tools are often the best option for complex domestic or commercial plumbing repairs. New developments of accessible and practical technology in the industry have opened up new options that should excite any contractor looking for more effective, powerful, and versatile trenchless equipment. This is why at PrimeLine Products, we stock up on only cutting-edge technology such as Dancutter tools, Trelleborg internal seals, Maxliner system, Cherne® Gripper® plugs, and Avanti chemical grouting. When you have the proper trenchless tools, you can make short work of even the most complex of pipe repair procedures.

Considerations for Complex Trenchless Operations

Not every service call is as simple as a broken pipe or clogged sewer line. Many older or larger plumbing systems have features that add extra layers of challenge, especially when using conventional methods and equipment. There is also logistical complexity when it comes to providing fast and efficient service while also striving to minimize cost. Trenchless pipe lining equipment such as the SpeedyLight+ are designed to specifically prioritize versatility and efficiency, which are both required to effectively handle complexity. Since trenchless tools like the Maxliner HotKick don’t rely on direct access, they give contractors and property owners more options when it comes to specific solutions and strategies.

Finding the Right Tools for the Job

Our trenchless equipment for sale includes a variety of trenchless tools with particular benefits to larger and more complex projects. Products like the Pow-R Wrap offer a speedy and economical way to repair pipes and hoses. Trelleborg internal seals effectively prevent both infiltration and exfiltration in concrete pipes, manholes, and other underground structures. The DanCutter Super Flex and Maxi Flex aid in the precision grinding, cutting, and milling of PVC, cast iron, cement, concrete, steel, and fiberglass pipes, liners, and conduits. These are only a few examples of a broad inventory that addresses a full range of trenchless solutions.

SpeedyLight: A Smart and Fast Solution

SpeedyLight+ is an innovative UV light curing system that combines power and portability to address complex systems. It can navigate turns of up to 90 degrees in pipes as small as 4 inches in diameter. It works at a rate of over 3 feet a minute and the unit itself is built for portability, which gives contractors more control over how they deploy their time and resources.

Maxliner: Versatility in Pipe Lining

Maxliner products are also great for complex plumbing demands and pipe lining systems due to their adaptive design and wide range of options. They allow plumbers to get creative with their solutions and applications and have the freedom to address problems with a more tailored approach.

Epoxy: Durable and Efficient

Our epoxy pipe lining products are another example of a trenchless tool that serves plumbers well for complicated tasks. PrimeLiner Silicate Resin is practical in almost any situation, so it’s an incredibly versatile, efficient, and effective way to address common problems.

Get Prime Plumbing Solutions

Many of the Primeline Trenchless product lines are suited for complex repairs, so please contact us to learn more about these solutions. Our selection of tools, equipment, and supplies is carefully curated to offer a healthy variety without compromising quality and value!



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