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Avanti chemical grouting

We carry Avanti chemical grouting supplies at PrimeLine Products because we believe that good work starts with good equipment. Grouting may be a relatively basic activity compared to many other tasks in the trenchless industry, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. The way companies handle grout not only impacts the final results of the project but can also shape the impression you leave on the customer for years to come.

Go With the Flow

One of the biggest advantages of Avanti chemical grouting is its incredible versatility in trenchless work. Flowable grout has numerous potential applications, including underpinning structural foundations, supporting ongoing excavation, and general soil stabilization.

These grouts may be versatile, but they are also resilient and fast-setting for better customer service. Our line of chemical grouting products also meets industry standards for NSF/ANSI 61 for safe drinking water components, which only expands its applications in residential settings.

Bring Results into Reach

The real reason to add flowable options to your lineup of chemical grouting accessories and equipment is so you can get to those hard-to-reach places. There are so many situations where access is limited, difficult, or disruptive. Flowable grout is also a non-invasive solution that allows technicians to avoid stress, mess, and expense by sealing cracks and holes without direct access.

Non-invasive options are a must-have for companies that serve a wide range of clients. It’s great for things like manhole and joint sealing as well as groundwater barriers and other subterranean structures.

Adopt Advanced Grout Solutions

PrimeLine Products supports our clients by equipping them with innovative tools, versatile supplies, and dependable equipment. No single solution is perfect for every project. That’s why we encourage trenchless service providers to consider all the potential benefits and applications to see if flowable grout is right for your needs. Contact us today for foolproof trenchless solutions!



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