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T-Handle aluminum gripper plugs

Careful planning is a must in order to attain the desired results for blocking, testing, and inspecting pipes. That’s why your choice of pipeline plugs is crucial. At PrimeLine Products, we stock a variety of T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® plugs in different sizes. These plugs offer durability and ease of installation. Their aluminum body and handle and neoprene seal make them a top choice among contractors who perform sewer and pipeline repairs.

Made to Last for Decades

While pneumatic plugs work well for short-term applications, we selected the T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® plugs for long-term use. Once your technician installs and tightens the plug, it remains in place for as long as you want it there. The mechanical tightening nut resists rust and corrosion. Even if the plug experiences constant exposure to corrosive gasses or harsh liquids, it will not break the seal with the pipe. These plugs can remain in place for decades without losing their effectiveness.

Work in Many Pipe Materials

When you select pneumatic or mechanical pipeline plugs, compatibility with multiple pipe sizes or materials enhances their utility on the job site. The T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® plugs measuring six to 12 inches in diameter work in concrete, clay, and SDR 26 and 35 pipes. The larger T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® plugs, which measure 13 to 18 inches in diameter, work in clay pipes only.

Use in Multiple Applications

Our T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® pipeline plug tools work in many plumbing applications. Contractors use the plugs for testing segments of pipe. The bypass style of T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® allows you to bypass a segment and control the flow of material through the pipe. Contractors also use these plugs for sewer air pressure tests.

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