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Pipe Lining Systems

Your contracting business needs to have the right equipment, materials, and supplies to handle your customers’ service requests. And this is precisely why investing in trenchless equipment for sale requires careful planning. At PrimeLine Products, we offer a wide variety of trenchless technology as well as product selection guidance and customer support.

Durability and Effectiveness

When choosing epoxy pipe lining products and systems, consider the longevity of the resin, liner, and installation equipment. Your customers want their repaired pipe systems to last a long time. Our resins and liners offer a 50-year lifespan. With proper maintenance and storage, the equipment will last for many years. The effectiveness of the lining system also matters. Each product we stock undergoes intensive testing before we make it available to contractors.

Ease of Installation

Your customers don’t want to wait for days or weeks for a pipe restoration. When choosing trenchless pipe lining equipment, consider its ease of operation. By selecting liners and resins that are easy to install, your crew’s productivity will increase. The ease of installation also means that you can serve more customers and reduce the time for project completion.

Customer Support

When you have a question about trenchless equipment, liners, resins, and accessories, you deserve to do business with a company that provides you with a quick and helpful reply. We offer daily customer support on all of our products. Our support staff has the answers to your most complex and detailed questions. We strive to provide you with all of the information you need in order to make a confident decision about which of our products and supplies to purchase and use in your contracting company.

For more tips on what to consider when choosing pipe lining systems for your contracting business, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products today!



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