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Advantages of Picote Lateral Cutters

Following the restoration and relining of a damaged sewer line, laterals need to be reconnected via liner cutting. Properly reinstating the lines according to diameter depends on a powerful and easy-to-use lateral cutter that can hold up under significant pressures.

The Picote brand offers leading-edge, high-quality lateral cutters for small-diameter lines. At PrimeLine Products, our mission as a Picote Products authorized reseller is to provide top-quality products for the industry and for our customers.

Picote-Brand Technology

Picote has built a reputation as a provider of highly durable equipment that makes the lining process an efficient job. In addition to cleaning, installing and cutting pipes for various systems, Picote equipment solves problems.

Smart Cutter – This award-winning cutter has helped reinstate more than 40,000 concrete, clay and cast iron branches worldwide. The Smart Cutter processes drains from 1 1/4 inches to 8 inches. It’s intuitive, customizable and can navigate 90-degree turns and remove roots, fins, slugs, lead, nails, wrinkles and other inconsistencies.

  • Pipe Cutter- This Smart Cutter attachment eliminates liner excess in restoration overshoots. It handles DN200, 150, 100 and 70 pipes and powers with a Picote milling machine or a drill.
  • Twister Mini – The Mini reinstates DN50 2 and 3-inch cast iron, clay and plastic lines. The Twister original handles DN100, DN150 4 and 6-inch and DN200 8-inch lines.
  • Twister Express – The Twister Express quickly reinstates connections in DN100 4-inch lined or unlined pipes. And it does it as much as six times faster than the original Twister.

Extensive small-diameter restoration in significantly degraded laterals and mains requires the versatility and effectiveness of robotic cutters.

A Versatile Cutting System

A rising need for sewer main relining comes with an increased call for a small-diameter reinstatement cutting system. Cracked and separated small-diameter lines are responsible for half of groundwater inflow. In addition to the Picote line of products, PrimeLine Products offers the versatile T80 and T150 robotic cutters from Try Tek. These reinstatement cutters are designed to open the lines by traveling down the mainline, whereas the Picote equipment reinstates by entering the branch line.

The T80 travels 100 feet in 3, 4 and 6-inch pipes. It manages a range of bends, including 45 and 90 degrees, and will reinstate horizontal and vertical pipes from the basements or from ground level.

The T150’s revolutionary design handles reinstatements for 5 to 18-inch pipes.

T150 features:

  • Easy to maintain clamshell construction
  • Easy negotiation of offsets and obstacles with centered head
  • Quick spare-ram swap-out
  • No-clutch electronic limiter
  • Game-controller compatibility
  • PC-based control box
  • Sealed modular motor pod
  • Precision variable speed for fast cutting
  • Wi-Fi or wired connectivity

The T80 travels 100 feet in 3*, 4 and 6-inch pipes. It manages a range of bends, including 45 and 90 degrees, and will reinstate horizontal and vertical pipes from the basements or from ground level.

The T180’s revolutionary design features:

  • Water hydraulic cutting gives big power in a smaller package
  • Water hydraulics eliminates potential environmental hazards
  • Access pipe systems via clean out ports or rooftop vents
  • Set up and operation are quick and simple
  • Cutting head includes a color camera with a self-cleaning lens

The T80 can also come as a part of a flex cutter system. Primeline Products offers three packages:

  • T80 – 3-inch to 6-inch Flex Cutter Package
  • T80 – 3-inch to 6-inch Flex Cutter Package with Contractors Kit
  • T80 – 4-inch Flex Cutter Package

*The only cutter on the market we know that can navigate a 90 degree bend in 3” lined pipe!

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