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When you are a pipe professional who is looking to grow your business or upgrade your equipment, it is important to invest in equipment from a trusted company comprised of experts who understand the services you provide. Offering sewer cleaning services is essential for your business because it allows you to perform regularly scheduled or emergency services for your customers in addition to properly preparing pipes for repair. Our equipment is backed up experienced experts who want to assist you in becoming the best sewer and drain company in your area or multiple areas around the country.

Make Your Job Easier

At PrimeLine Products, Inc., we strive to make your work easier. When investing in quality sewer cleaning equipment, you can count on it to help you complete your daily services. In fact, we provide a variety of sewer cleaning products that allow you to conduct drain cleaning services with accuracy and speed.

The sewer and drain cleaning equipment we offer includes:

  • Predator Nozzles
  • LumberJack Cutters
  • Intruder Cutters
  • Monro-Jet Surface Cleaning
  • BL Swiper Sewer Nozzle

No matter what piece of equipment you need, we will work with you to make sure it is meeting your needs and surpassing your customers standards.

Use Leading Industry Equipment

It is our goal as a company to provide pipe professionals with the most up-to-date equipment in the industry. This means that we test every piece of equipment we sell. We conduct extensive tests to make sure that our sewer cleaning products are more than capable of getting the job done right, no matters its difficulty. In addition, with your customers being able to research services before they call and schedule an appointment with you, you and your team needs to be equipped with the technology to perform state-of-the-art services on their sewer and drain pipes.

Achieve Your Business Goals

As a sewer and drain company, you should always be meeting and exceeding your business goals. Our team at PrimeLine is proud to offer equipment that helps you offer services that will grow your business and build your reputation. Our sewer cleaning equipment is versatile in its ability to restore and repair sewer pipes in a variety of ways.  

If you’re interested in offering sewer cleaning services or would like to invest in new equipment, contact our team at PrimeLine Products, Inc. today.



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