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At PrimeLine Products, Inc., we offer state-of-the-art pipe inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement equipment to industry professionals. As a member of the sewer and drain industry, you know how important it is to be able to service your customers with leading industry equipment. Robotic cutters are an essential to your business because they allow you to reinstate interior or exterior relined pipes.

  1.     It is simple and quick to set-up and operate

The robotic cutter we offer at PrimeLine Products, Inc. is easy to operate because it allows for a simple and quick set up, so you can service your customers’ property in a timely manner. When conducting multiple reinstatement services per day or even having days filled with scheduled and emergency appointments, you need to be able to conduct your work with speed and exactness.

  1.     They can handle a variety of reinstatement situations

No residential, commercial, or municipal property is going to have the same type of pipe system or reinstatement need. Our robotic cutter can perform both horizontal and vertical reinstatement.

Horizontal Reinstatement – you can reinstate lateral waste pipes that connect to the main sewer lines in your area at ground or basement level.

Vertical Reinstatement – our robotic cutter allows you reinstate an entire vertical sewer pipe from one access point making it so you do not have to dig-and-replace any part of your clients’ property.

  1.     It is versatile in its ability to navigate pipe systems

Pipe professionals understand that you can run into unexpected situations within pipe systems like bent pipes or offset pipes. The robotic cutter we provide allows you to navigate surprise pipe situations with ease.

  1.     They provide you with a noninvasive way to repair pipes

Robotic cutters provide an easy way to repair pipes and leave your clients’ property intact. When you create a reputation as a pipe company that your services do not leave people with excess damage, it establishes your credibility and builds your profitability.

Whether you need to replace your current robotic cutter, or you are looking to offer reinstatement services, our team at PrimeLine Products, Inc. is ready to help you choose the equipment that best meets your needs.



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