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Are you a plumbing contractor looking to expand your business? If so, then you should really consider moving your company into the future by offering trenchless sewer repair. As you may already know trenchless sewer line repair is a process that allows you to fix damage drains without the need to dig. But you may be asking yourself why should you invest in new equipment when the economy has not fully recovered yet. Below are three really good reasons why upgrading your company now just makes practical sense.

Three Reasons You Should Invest in Sewer Lining Equipment

• Customers want it: Many homeowners and business owners have already heard about this amazing technology and they want it. These customers simply don’t want to have their lawns dug up for sewer repair when it’s not necessary.
• It’s less labor intensive: One great thing about sewer lining repair is the fact that you don’t need to send a ton of workers to the job site. This process can be done with only a few workers which is always great for your bottom line.
• No more need to excavate: While you may own your own excavating equipment, many of you rent. This can be a very costly business expense that is not easy to pass on. Instead, why not save that money by offering trenchless sewer repair services to your customers?

Where to Buy Sewer Lining Equipment for Plumbing Contractors

So you have decided that offering trenchless sewer repair is right for your plumbing business but where do you find the equipment that you need? Below are some great places to find sewer lining repair equipment.

1. A certified dealer: One surefire way to find the best sewer lining equipment on the market is by going through a certified dealer. These trenchless equipment dealers will have the latest technology on hand so you know you will be getting the best. While this option might be a little costly since its 100% new equipment, you will be getting the tools you need to get the job done.

2. Used equipment auctions: If your company is on a budget but you still want to offer sewer lining services, a great place to look is at used equipment auctions. Here you will often find commercial trenchless equipment that will fit your budget.

3. Other plumbing companies: The plumbing industry is highly competitive and sometimes this forces companies to go out of business. This often means that these companies sell off their assets including their trenchless equipment. When this happens it opens up the door for other plumbing companies to purchase equipment at a fraction of the cost.

4. Trade shows: A great place to mingle with likeminded plumbing contractors and find the latest in sewer lining equipment is a trade show. Here you can often speak directly to the manufactures of the equipment and make a deal on purchasing what they have to offer. This will help cut out the middleman and give you an upper hand on new technology.



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