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Chemical grouting accessories and equipment

When it comes to underground pipe rehabilitation and sewer restoration projects involving manholes and pipe joints, having chemical grouting accessories and equipment that you can rely on is essential for ensuring successful outcomes. At PrimeLine Products, we provide a diverse selection of grouting solutions tailored to various plumbing, sewer restoration, rehabilitation, and installation endeavors.

Preventing Crack Development

Effective chemical grouting supplies play a pivotal role in averting cracks and gaps that tend to emerge between pipe segments and concrete structures. These gaps often result from water intrusion and temperature fluctuations. By employing durable grout to fill these joints, your crew significantly reduces the risk of crack development.

Halting Crack Expansion

In instances where cracks have already formed within concrete or between segments, employing chemical grouting halts their expansion, enhancing the overall structural integrity. Our range of grout accessories simplifies the process of depositing grout into narrow or irregularly shaped cracks.

Soil Stabilization

Shifting soil poses a significant threat to pipelines, conduits, and concrete structures. Avanti chemical grouting aids in stabilizing the soil, preventing potential damage to pipelines. By filling the spaces between soil particles, this grout mitigates the risk of soil shifting, sliding, or collapsing.

Managing Groundwater

Uncontrolled groundwater poses a substantial risk to underground structures, often leading to rust and corrosion in conduits and pipelines. Employing grout helps manage the movement of groundwater, significantly minimizing its detrimental impact. Chemical grout serves as an effective sealing solution for sidewalks and parking lots, as well as manhole and joint sealing.

The array of chemical grouting equipment and accessories available in our store is meticulously designed to ensure project success. Our selection meets or exceeds industry standards for water and chemical resistance, durability, and longevity. For further details, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products!



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