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Mechanical pipeline plugs

When your team engages in pipe installations, rehabilitation, or inspections, securing a temporary or long-term seal becomes crucial. It’s for this reason that your choice of pipeline plugs can make a world of difference. PrimeLine Products offers an extensive array of pneumatic and mechanical pipeline plugs, each tailored for diverse applications.

Below, we take a close look at the distinctive features that define our pipeline plugs.

Reusability and Cost-Efficiency

Our mechanical and pneumatic plugs stand out for their cost-effectiveness. Designed for reuse across multiple testing and inspection projects, they curtail per-project costs and minimize waste generation. Whether it’s bypassing, blocking, testing sewer air, capping, or cleaning, our plugs cater to a broad spectrum of applications.

Versatility in Size Range

Catering to various pipe dimensions, our plugs cover a comprehensive size range, accommodating pipes from two inches to over 60 inches in diameter. The pneumatic pipeline plug accessories we offer are versatile, fitting a spectrum of pipe sizes, while our mechanical counterparts are tailored to specific diameters.

Effortless Installation and Removal

Our suite of pipeline plug tools ensures efficient time management. Facilitating rapid installation and removal of pneumatic or mechanical pipe plugs, these tools comprise hoses, test pumps, poly lift lines, and many more.

Chemically Inert and Durable

Resilience is a hallmark of our pipeline plugs. Impervious to interaction with pipeline gasses, solids, or fluids, these plugs remain steadfast even when exposed to harsh substances, retaining their integrity without degradation. Moreover, these plugs boast safety certifications for usage in potable water lines.

With an expansive inventory of plugs and complementary accessories, our selection caters to every test, inspection, or repair requirement. Our adept team provides expert guidance in selecting the ideal plug and accessories for each project. Reach out to us at PrimeLine Products for deeper insights into our pipe plug features!



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