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Considerations Before Choosing Trenchless Equipment

There are many choices with trenchless pipe lining equipment, supplies, and accessories. While you’ll definitely appreciate the selection available from a reliable company like PrimeLine Products, it’s important to choose the right equipment for your needs. Here’s what we recommend considering before choosing your trenchless equipment.

Age and Condition of Your Current Equipment

Top-quality trenchless equipment can serve you well for many years. That said, equipment can also wear out over time, especially if you regularly handle more demanding pipe restoration projects. Do periodic inspections of your equipment to determine what you need to replace so you can continue to offer your customers the quality results they expect.

Your Budget

Budget is an understandable concern. If you do have a limited budget when it comes to purchasing epoxy pipe lining products and related equipment, focus on what you need most, what needs updating, and what size range with pipe widths and lengths you typically work with. Knowing these things ahead of time makes it easier to stay within your budget.

Anticipated ROI

Newer pipe lining systems can allow you to accept a broader range of projects, and investing in pipe lining equipment can give your customers an additional option beyond pipe lining. These are two examples of how certain purchases could be good for your potential return on investment, which is why your possible ROI is also worth considering. We also suggest considering:

  • Manufacturers’ warranties and ease of obtaining replacement parts when needed
  • Expected upkeep requirements
  • The ability to make repairs faster, less intrusive and have a longer life span
  • How newer equipment will fit in with what you already have

We’ve Got Your Trenchless Needs Covered

PrimeLine Products has top-quality trenchless equipment for sale to meet a variety of needs. We also keep our rates upfront and reasonable, and we always offer attentive and responsive customer care and support 24/7.

PrimeLine also offers FREE TRAINING (we only charge for reasonable travel related expenses, when applicable).

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