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One of the newest tools in the arsenal of the average plumber or sewer repair shop is the Trydent 80 Cutter System. It is an amazing addition to the trenchless technologies currently in use by more and more sewer and drain line repair companies.

What the Trydent Cutter does is it allows access to pipe systems through clean out ports or rooftop vents. In other words, there is no digging or removal of existing pipes whatsoever. It is non-invasive access which reduces the cost of pipe repairs or replacement.

Imagine if you owned an apartment building or a multi floor commercial structure. To get at some of the plumbing to repair a break, leak or crack would involve a lot of work. That work would result in tearing apart outer walls and infrastructure in order to be able to get to the source of the problem. Then there would be more work put into the actual repair.

With the Trydent 80 Cutter System repairing pipes is faster and will cost a lot less than the demolition required to get to the pipes and then the added cost of pipe replacement.

The Trydent 80 Cutter System allows for reinstatement of either the inside or outside of relined pipes. Plus, it works on many different size pipes from 3-inches and up to 6-inches in diameter.

If your plumbing repair is in a building that has tenants or business activities that cannot be halted to allow for a major or minor plumbing repair, this is the answer to your problem. That is why we carry tools like the Trydent 80 Cutter System to supply trenchless technology plumbing services.

Here are just some of the features you may find of interest should you plan to expand your trenchless services to include the Trydent 80 Cutter:

Reopens Lateral Connections

That’s right. You can reopen lateral connections in pipes measuring 6 to 15-inches. Plus, you can do it with remote control accessibility.

Multi-Directional Mobility

This unit has 360-degree mobility and comes complete with non-marring airbags which are used to lock it in place and provide maximum stability.

Quality Construction

The Trydent 80 Cutter System has high quality construction and is made from materials including stainless steel and bronze.

Universal Design

Talk about adaptable! The cutter can be used as part of several different control systems.

The Pipe Cutter System of the Future

The Trydent 80 Cutter System can be used in places with high water tables with minimal problem and can run beyond 1,000 feet. Even if the host pipe has the odd bend or hump to it this is not a problem for the Trydent system to navigate and it will give you reliable cure completions and can reline pipes from 6-inches to 18-inches.

Is the Trydent 80 Cutter System the future of trenchless technology? At Primeline Products we believe it is. We also believe it is part of the future of your relining business. If you have been looking for a product to catapult your business off the chart, this is the one. Contact us today via email for details or call us direct toll free at 1-877-265-2139.



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