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Trenchless Repair Method is rapidly becoming the most sought after sewer repair and replacement method in the United States. And for a good reason. It’s less intrusive, less costly and less stressful. Who wouldn’t want to benefit from all of that? Many plumbing companies are offering trenchless sewer repair as they prime service. But what makes one company better than the other, is their equipment. Servicing your clients with the latest and most efficient solutions will put you right there on the top. That’s where Primeline products come in. If you’re wondering which solution is best when looking for CIPP Lining Solutions, read on.

The Best CIPP Lining Equipment

Whether you are catering to residential or commercial clients, you have the option of choosing from either of the two types of pipe lining equipment. These are Air inversion Lining and Pull-in-Place lining. To provide complete CIPP lining services, you’ll need both types of equipment. That’s because they service solutions for different sewer problems.

Since you can’t control your client’s sewer emergency, you’ll have to be better prepared and invest in both. If the price is a constraint in your business, you can ask your supplier to give you a customized package. The equipment in both services are pretty much the same, so with a customized package, you’ll be getting all the equipment at a reduced price.

To get the right package, talk to your supplier. Discuss the type of CIPP Lining services, you’ll be offering your clients. For each service, ask about the equipment needed. Discuss if there are any variations in the same equipment. Ask questions on the differences between these variations. It’s best to know what you are investing in beforehand.

Professional Training

When you go looking for CIPP Lining equipment, try to get an entire package. Many plumbing supply companies offer free training for their buyers. If you buy from these companies, they offer to train your plumbers for free. Most companies, when they invest in CIPP Lining equipment, don’t have the trained human resources that can operate the new machinery. This often leads to constant mishandling and even breakdown of the new equipment. Work is disrupted. Clients get frustrated.

It’s always best to get training for your plumbers before offering CIPP Lining services. Many plumbing equipment suppliers, like Primeline Products, offer free training and consultation. At the end of the training, you won’t just go away with the best CIPP lining solution but also the best plumbers.

After-Sale Support

A smart idea when buying CIPP Lining solution is to look for after-sale support. Look for suppliers that offer phone and email support. So when you do come up with a problem, you can always call and ask for help.

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