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Following the footsteps of technological advancement, many contractors sensibly switched to the trenchless method sewer pipe repair. The traditional method has simply become too obsolete, too expensive and inefficient to be carried out further.

Changing one method for another, the equipment inevitably change. Where once we had a whole set of heavy machinery, now we have inversion units; and in place of those robust cast iron pipes now we have liquidized resin. Here’s a rundown of the most common equipment used by trenchless sewer contractors.

Lining Resin

A curable material out of which pipes harden into existence, resin makes trenchless pipe lining and manhole rehabilitation easier to complete. Resin is a highly chemically resistant material that will fit most other construction materials. It comes in many different types, each tailored for specific use. Among the factors to consider when opting for a resin are an application, hardening speed, and pot life.

Inversion Machine

In order for the resin to work, you have to pull it, or rather, invert it inside the old pipe. Inversion unit is a specialized piece of equipment that will, through the use of either air or water pressure (or both), install the pipe liner uniformly inside. They come in many sizes, depending on the type of pipe they coat.

Lateral Cutters

Relining a pipe, it still needs to be laterally reinstated and restored to proper function. Lateral cutters are used to reestablish the lost lateral connections by manually operated precision drills. Don’t cut corners with lateral cutters; you’ll want to look for the best ones available. Always go for the trusted brand, like Picote for instance.


What you roll your resin into matters a great deal, with felt and fiberglass fitting the bill perfectly. SYNTHO-GLASS is a fiberglass composite that works with just about any pipe material out there. It deals with both internal and external corrosion equally well.

Collapsed Liner Removal

The perfect coating is rarely attainable. Most of the times small imperfections mar the process, and a cured pipe needs to be brushed, its imperfections leveled before it starts performing.

Pipe Cleaning Equipment

Various trenchless methods for sewer cleaning are in use, all of which employ different kinds of jetting nozzles or blockage cutters. There is no definite go-to machine for sewer sweeps; each situation presents a different challenge for which a tailored solution always proves to be the best one.

Trenchless technology is heavily reliant on its equipment, and there are many more pieces without which a successful lining job cannot be completed. All of them offer some degree of variety and it’s easy to get lost especially with the new tools coming out regularly. One way to navigate the sphere of technological improvement is getting in touch with a trusted supplier, the one who has the experience on both ends of the floor, and for that, you can always turn to Prime Line Products.



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