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In Florida, everything in your business may be going swimmingly one day, and the next day you find yourself swimming in a foot-deep pool of sewage water. Every year, commercial buildings are vulnerable to hurricanes and severe storms can shut down hotels and business and cause weeks of damages.

Take Daytona Beach for example. In 2016, Hurricane Mathew caused 20 hotels to close during the weekend of the Biketoberfest Fest, an event that draws in around 150,000 visitors each year. Businesses missed out on peak tourist time due to damages and unlivable conditions.

Hurricane Matthew didn’t just affect Daytona, it also caused 5 million gallons of sewage to dump in the Ortega River in Jacksonville. St. Petersburg experienced a similar situation when Hurricane Hermine caused 70 million gallons of partially treated sewage to be dumped into the waters of Tampa Bay.

Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Even if your your hotel or commercial building isn’t severely damaged from a storm, repeated ware from inclement weather and old age can cause your pipes to crack and leak. Don’t wait until your sewage is contaminating your water. You might need a trenchless sewer repair service and not realize it. It is important to know the warning signs that your pipe may be in need of some repairs.

For instance, if you notice your pipes are draining slowly, it could point to a problem in either your pipes or septic tank. Foul odors are a common, an obnoxious sign that raw sewage has escaped the tank. Patches of green grass around your business’s property can also be an indicator that you have a sewage leak.

In addition, if you hear pipe gurgling noises that may be an indication your tank is full and needs pumping, and finally if there is sewage backup in your property it requires immediate attention.

Solution for Damaged Pipes

If you are in Orlando, Florida and detect any of these signs, don’t wait to get them checked out. Many businesses hear sewer repair and imagine days of digging, astronomical expenses and shutting down operations. Lucky for you, those days are over.

At Prime Line Products Inc., we use advanced technology that allows us to fix your pipes in one day without any digging. We use trenchless sewer repair to fix and damages. The pipe lining process begins first by clearing out the old pipe of any blockage, and then applying an epoxy-saturated liner through the existing pipe. The liner forms seamlessly along old pipe walls and fills in any breaks.

Whether you have damaged pipes from hurricanes, tree roots or simply old age, our team has the inventory and expertise to get the job done. We offer the highest quality products and fast service to save you money and peace of mind.

Avoid losing business and go with a repair system that cuts down your time and cost. Contact us for an estimate and we can help you discover how to solve your plumbing concerns and sewer repair.

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