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Is a section of the sewer line or drain pipes in your Orlando home leaking? Would you like to repair it without having to dig up your landscape? If you are looking for a way to repair your damaged or broken sewer line and broken pipes without any need to excavate your yard, sectional pipe lining is the ideal way to get it done.

In sectional pipe lining (also known as trenchless piping), new pipe liners will be fit into your existing piping system. It is a versatile method used in sewer pipeline rehabilitation without any need for excavation. This innovative technology is approved by government agencies all over the nation. Within a couple of hours, the trenchless repair process can be performed.

Benefits of Sectional Pipe Lining

By making use of sectional pipe lining and equipment to repair or replace your pipes accordingly, there are several benefits you stand to reap, some of which include:

Little Labor

Sectional pipe lining only requires a little amount of manual labor compared to traditional methods of pipe repair. This is because there is no need for digging involved in the process. The professional plumber only needs to create an entry point where your pipes can be accessed.

No Need for Excavation

Imagine having to excavate your landscape every time you have a sewer line issue. Your beautiful and charming landscape that you have invested so much time, money, and effort into will be destroyed just like that. However, there is no need for excavation in sectional pipe lining. Your lovely yard will be left untouched.

Cost Effective

Sectional pipe lining can be quite expensive compared to traditional repair, but when you factor in time, post repair costs, and labor costs, you will discover that sectional pipe lining is far more cost-effective.


Furthermore, sectional pipe lining is eco-friendly. It is a greener repairing method which has a lot of benefit to the environment. Old corroded pipes are renewed through the lining. Your existing broken or damaged sewer pipes will serve as the skeleton or shell for the new piping; resources are being recycled and not wasted. This will prevent toxic wastes, metals, and plastics from penetrating into the ground. It will also prevent environmental pollution.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Unlike traditional pipes that are made with metals or plastics, sectional pipe lining and equipment use perma-liner, epoxy resin, and polyethylene piping. These materials do not rust or corrode. They have a higher performance and can last for 50 years or more.

Convenient and Time-Saving

Sectional pipe lining offers a high level of convenience. You do not have to relocate and disrupt your lifestyle or plans. Also, the whole repair project can be completed within hours or, at most, a few days. You won’t have contractors spending weeks digging your front yard just to get your sewer pipes replaced.

Affordable Sectional Lining and Equipment

PrimeLine Products is known to provide affordable sectional lining and equipment to residents in Orlando, FL, and nearby communities. Using our pipe lining and equipment all of your damaged pipes can be repaired fast.

Regardless of the diameter, length, or size of your pipes, we have the right sectional lining equipment you need. We have a complete line of fiberglass material, carrier packers, resin and lining accessories to get the job done.

Our technical field staff will help restore the sewer line and drain pipes in your Orlando, FL home to its original capacity. Sectional repairs will save you a lot of cost and time compared to tradition pipe repair methods.

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