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With drainage systems being generally out of sight, it’s easy to forget the importance of drain cleaning until you’re in the shower and up to your ankles in water or unable to let patrons use a restroom due to the inability to flush waste properly.

Often times we don’t even consider the need to clean our drains. But it is essential, however, that drains be regularly cleaned as nasty, drain clogging-culprits pose serious risks for entire drainage systems if left unattended.

The Uncleaned Drain

When it comes to your drains and avoiding having to call in the professionals, prevention goes a long way. With a little extra attention, it’s easy to avoid major build ups in drainage systems that can cause damage as extensive as needing entire sections of pipes replaced.

While trenchless pipe lining has made this an easier process, it’s always best to actively take steps to avoid these drainage emergencies by prioritizing drain cleaning alongside your other routine cleaning and maintenance tasks.

The Effects of a Dirty Drain Pipe

One of the worse effects of not cleaning drains is sewage backup. When a sewer backs up, there is far more to worry about than just flooding. While you’re dealing with water damage and pipes that will need replacing, you’ll also need to worry about mold growth as well as the potential for rodents to travel from main sewer lines into your home or establishment.

On top of all that, you’ll be dealing with awful odors produced from potential cracks in your drainage system.The Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer are certainly not fun to deal with and easily avoidable by regular maintenance and cleaning of your drainage systems.

If you’re lucky enough to avoid a full blown drainage crack and sewer back up, then leaving your drains uncleaned may only affect the ability of your drains to quickly and efficiently send liquid and waste through your drainage systems.

While this may seem like something you can quickly fix with store-bought products and a little elbow grease, those products often pose a further risk for pipe corrosion. Instead of taking one problem and covering it up with another, regularly cleaning pipes can avoid any long term effects of both clogs and harsh chemical cleaning agents.

The Cleaned Drain

The biggest benefit to regularly cleaning your drains is money in your pocket; by taking steps to correctly and routinely clean your drains, you are safeguarding yourself (and your wallet) from higher costs that come from a simple lack of attention. As if the monetary benefits are not enough, cleaning drains adds to the overall cleanliness to your home or establishment.

With liquids and wastes being sent through drainage systems without trouble you are avoiding foul smells, rodent problems, and water-damage with the ability to foster mold growth.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your drains cleaned—or if it’s something you’re looking to start having done now that you know more give us a call at 877-265-2139 to find out how we can help you help your drainage system.



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