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When you are overwhelmed with pipe repair requests, the Picote coating system is a wise choice. At PrimeLine Products, we are proud to offer this solution so that you can get more done and achieve results that will please your clients. Read on to learn about the top-notch qualities of Picote pipe lining systems.


The Picote trenchless pipe lining equipment is a simple solution for repairing damaged areas of sewer and drain lines. The repairs last for a long time. That’s because epoxy is resistant to corrosion. Even if there’s hard water or a high concentration of fats in the wastewater, it’s no match for the epoxy coating. 

Adaptable Use

The Picote epoxy coating system adheres to all types of pipe materials, which makes it highly adaptable to a range of situations. You can use it to repair pipes made of clay, PVC, concrete, or cast iron. Its minimum diameter requirement is 1.25 inches, and its maximum pipe repair size is 12 inches. 

Practical and Efficient

Our Picote equipment is a practical and efficient way to repair any drain or sewer pipe in a single workday. The process begins with a thorough cleaning before the resin is brushed on. Once the resin cures, the pipes can be put back into service immediately.  Depending on the number of coats required, this is frequently the same day.  
The Picote coating system help you repair important drain and sewer lines measuring  from 1 ¼ inches up to 12 inches in diameter. Their ease of use, flexibility, and durability make them ideal for a wide range of applications. For more details about the Picote epoxy pipe lining products, contact us at PrimeLine Products today.



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