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Before venturing off into buying underground products, there are certain things to consider. There are a variety of models and makes in the market and the process can be a bit hectic. That is why is it best to research before making a purchase.

1.Deflection gauges

Also known as Mandrels, these items are used to test flexible sewer pipe for deflection or out-of roundness per ASTM specifications. This testing is very important as it ensures that flexible pipe has been properly bedded and backfilled for exceptional service and optimal performance.
When buying deflection gauges, one thing to keep in mind is there are tons of them made from different materials. It is up to you to decide which material suits your needs best. These materials include:

-Aluminum Deflection Gauges
These types of deflection gauges are very lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They can be assembled without tools and are field-verifiable without a proving ring. Aluminum deflection gauges have an open design that ensures testing accuracy. All Aluminum deflection gauges sizes should fit through the standard 24’’ manhole.

-Steel Style Deflection Gauge
These types of gauges are very durable. They have the perfect construction, which resists corrosion. Most of these types of gauges conform to mandrel-sized specifications – meaning the blade length is equal to or greater than the nominal pipe size. They also comprise of the nine-arm design that ensure testing accuracy.

2.Deflector Gauge design

Both aluminum and steel gauges utilize a nine-arm design that ensures the pipes are tested accurately. The nine-arm design allows gravel and debris to pass through with ease and no damages. Other gauges can get hung up causing a deflection test to fail, even though the pipe is within tolerance.

3.Field Verified Deflector Gauges

When hunting for the perfect underground deflection gauges, ensure that they are field verified already. This means that the inspector can measure the size of the deflector gauge without the use of a proving ring. Field verified gauges simplify the inspector’s job of verifying sizes on deflection gauges. All the inspector has to do is simply place two fins end to end and measure the width, next add one inch to the mandrel and he shall have the outside dimension of the gauge. Field verified deflector gauges are easier to install and do not consume time when installed or during inspection.

4.Proving Rings

In case you have deflection gauges that are not field verified, you can use proving rings for quick and easy size verification. There are the standard sized proving rings but you can also get custom sized if your gauge size is not of the norm.

5.Line Stringers

This item is very important when buying underground products. A string liner is used to string lines between manholes quickly. String liners use lines to pull deflection gauges. When buying this item, consider the length of the lines available before purchase.

6.Air Testing Equipment

Using air-testing systems for testing pipelines is a fast, economical, and accurate method of testing pipe. This method allows you to perform tests as required. The system comprises of a Line Acceptance kit and Leak Locator Plugs.

-Line Acceptance Kit
A Line Acceptance Kit is used to perform low-pressure air tests on newly installed sewer lines. When buying this item, ensure that it is inclusive of all items needed to conduct the test. Keep in mind that most of these kits do not have an air compressor and two pipe plugs. Test the kit before purchase.

-Leak Locator Plugs
These plugs are designed for both leak location testing and low-pressure sewer line acceptance tests. When buying this item, ensure that it has color-coded inflation ports that match the hose and panel system. This will ensure that you never accidentally plug the wrong ports. The plugs should also have flexible internal hoses and be air fitting.

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