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Things like sewer lines are often forgotten about by homeowners. Just because they are out of sight doesn’t mean they should be out of mind as broken pipes can lead to extreme water damage and expensive clean up. This is especially true if your sewer lining system is over 40 years old.

Water damage in homes accounts for almost 22% of all homeowners insurance claims, costing on average $4,024 per claim. In order to not only save money in the long run, but to boost the safety and efficiency of your pipes, it is a good choice to invest in trenchless technology. Investing in trenchless pipelines can offer many benefits. Read on to find out six reasons how going trenchless can help you.

1. It eliminates the problems of digging in populated areas. For example, if you have a pipeline in the center of a busy intersection that needs to be repaired, trenchless pipe repair won’t require you to dig up the entire neighborhood.

2. Even though trenchless options can cost 30 to 50% more than conventional digging, it can still be a more cost effective approach in some cases because you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars in additional, restorative work.

3. It is cost effective for the community as well. When a community’s road is dug up, millions of gallons of fuel are used and pose a threat for accidents and potential building damage. The use of trenchless technology helps to minimize waste and damage caused by excavating trenches.

4.It provides measurable digital data not available in common pipelines. Sonar sewer profiling, virtual CCTV pipe inspection, and laser scanning abilities allow for different visualizations of a pipe’s condition and environment. This allows you to see the state of the pipe, and if protective measures should be taken.

5. You are able to enter hazardous environments when you use trenchless technology robots. With the amount of hidden gasses underground, it is best not to take the risk and send a robot down under!

6. It allows for corrosion inspection. This is where laser scanning measures the pipe loss within the pipe and can be conducted when the line is in service.

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