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Trenchless pipe repair uses advanced no-dig technology to repair sewer lines or water lines effectively and quickly, with minimum disturbance to your property. Specialists use a variety of techniques designed to keep your landscape in place and restore your pipes at the same time.

This solution prevents potentially ugly problems and can be used to repair situations such as:

      • Burst sewer pipes
      • Pipes that run below ground, under your house, landscapes, or your apartment building
      • Leaking sewer lines
      • Broken and cracked water pipes
      • Pipe damages
      • In case you need to replace your pipes with a larger water line to better accommodate your household needs

The specialists are able to repair the pipes in as little as a few hours with little to no destruction to your beautifully manicured lawn. So just how do they manage to repair your sewer with little to no digging? The secret is in the equipments that they use. Let’s take a look.

The key equipments required while doing trenchless pipe repair include the following:

1.Puller Unit-Trenchless pipe repair and replacement system

This system allows 2’’ to 6’’ pipe replacement with up to three 45-degree bends and can even upsize from 4’’ to 6’’ pipes. This system is the most important device when it comes to trenchless pipes replacement. Some of the key features include:

      • The system helps burst 2’’ to 6’’ pipes of virtually any material
      • It allows the contractors to replace existing pipes with high-quality pipes
      • This incredible system can be operated with an auxiliary hydraulic system of the backhoe, skid steer, or a mini excavator
      • The puller generates up to 30 tons of lateral pulling force through the wire rope to the bursting head
      • This device is made from very durable high grade anodized aluminum
      • You can buy 2’’ and 3’’ bursting heads and fusion machine inserts for it.
      • It comes inclusive of a circular cutting saw
      • Its operating power unit is via a 25 foot long hand held remote control
      • Its power supply includes all the quick attach hydraulic connections required for the system and the forty feet hydraulic hose. This allows for maximum flexibility when on site
      • It comprises of a quick grip bursting head that is capable of breaking through pipes made from any materials such as: cast iron, clay tile, ABS, or PVS

The key parts of a trenchless pipe replacement system include:

– The puller unit
– Wire rope
– Fusion machine
– Extraction cage
– 200’ duct rod with cable carriers
– 4’’ bursting head
– 6’’ bursting head
– Hydraulic hose
– Hydraulic power supply

2.Water line slitters

These items make quick work when it comes to replacing of old and failed water lines. A contractor feeds the included cable through the existing water line, attaches a replacement line to the trailing “carrot”, and tugs the slitting head through the line, replacing it seamlessly and effortlessly in the same location as the original line. Water line slitters require very little digging, no trenching, and the process is so fast – your replacement will be ready in a matter of minutes. They are available in Water line slitters key features include:

      • Replaces existing water lines with new copper pipe
      • Eliminates the need for special equipment. All you need is your backhoe, excavator, or winch as the power source
      • Minimal damage and disturbance to property
      • Water line slitters are inclusive of carrot-style pullers, cable grippers, pulling rope, slitter link assembly- all necessary tools for trenchless pipe replacement



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