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SpeedyLight+ LED

Waiting for resins to set doesn’t have to test your patience anymore, thanks to cutting-edge curing technology. Pipe liner curing can now be swift, reliable, and cost-effective with SpeedyLight+ technology, provided by PrimeLine Products. Our commitment is to deliver enhanced outcomes, impress clients, and resolve common industry challenges.

Swift Solutions for Swift Results

Eliminate the wait time with SpeedyLight+ LED, offering curing speeds up to five times faster than conventional methods. With a remarkable pace of up to 3 feet per minute, technicians can cover extensive ground in record time, expediting project completion and bolstering client satisfaction in the process.

Efficient Curing, Lower Power Consumption

Our UV LED curing technology boasts exceptional efficiency and energy conservation, utilizing less than half the power of alternative methods. Compatible with standard 220V mains or similar electrical sources, it ensures sustainable operation without compromising on performance.

Designed for Ease of Use

We prioritize user convenience with the SpeedyLight+ system, weighing just 150 pounds and equipped with wheels for effortless mobility. Its versatile design effortlessly navigates tight turns, including 90-degree angles, facilitating seamless operation in diverse environments.

Enhanced Project Efficiency

With SpeedyLight+ LED solutions, project efficiency is significantly boosted. The rapid curing speeds and precise application of our UV LED technology ensure that projects are completed in a fraction of the time and with the utmost efficiency. Say goodbye to long waiting periods with sub-par results and hello to accelerated project timelines with SpeedyLight+ LED.

Experience Rapid Results

At PrimeLine Products, we understand the importance of delivering prompt results to your clients. Our comprehensive product lineup empowers service providers to exceed expectations with swift, reliable, and efficient solutions. With over two decades of industry expertise, we address the core concerns of our partners.

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