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Our Range of Millers and Drills

You can choose from 5 sizes of High Speed Millers to fit your applications for pipes 1 ¼” – 12″ diameter. Our millers allow fast and efficient drain cleaning including soft blockages, scale & calcium build-up and tree roots, as well as concrete and lead deposits and failed gaskets & imperfections in the pipe. Before you apply epoxy pipe lining products in a damaged pipe, you need to prepare the surface for the resin. Our millers get the job done quickly and efficiently. At PrimeLine Products, we offer durable milling units and drills that handle tough conditions.

Mini Millers

Make quick work out of descaling, cleaning, or root cutting with the mini millers. They even have a battery-powered model, which makes them great for use in the field. The battery model provides you with up to three hours of continuous use. They can also be paired with a power cable. Their range is up to 17m that can be extended to 10m with a shaft extension, and there’s an available camera option for identifying pipe obstructions and damage.

Maxi Miller

When you need to thoroughly descale drains, perform pipe cutting or root removal in pipes up to eight inches in diameter, choose our Maxi Miller units to prepare the pipes before relining with our pipe lining systems. The Maxi Millers have a usable shaft length of 30m, but that can be extended as well using a shaft extension. They feature a safety clutch, and the cable extends up to 110 feet.

Mini Cleaner

The Mini Cleaner was designed by Picote with industry experts in mind. Thus, it makes cleaning descaling, root removal, and other procedures easier than ever. Among the features that distinguish it from others is the operator presence foot control pedal that allows plumbers to use it with both hands. Weighing in at 26.5 kg, it can navigate 90 degree and even 2” p-traps.

Super Midi

What separates this miller is its outer casing makes it easier to navigate through multiple bends. Picote designed the Super Midi Miller to have added strength, better flexibility, and greater ease of use in virtually any jobsite. Internal GFI, emergency stop, and electronic safety clutch are just a few of its standard safety features.

Power Plus

When performance is at a premium, then cleaning, lining removal, and cutting/reinstatements should be a cinch when you rely on the Picote Maxi Power Plus. While its stated working range is 18m, this large and powerful miller can have that lengthened by up to 22m. It also boasts of up to 1500 rpm in terms of torque and a host of standard safety features.

Our millers and drills are a perfect addition to your set of trenchless repair equipment and supplies. They’re easy to maneuver, steady while working, and simple to use. Contact us at PrimeLine Products for more details about our trenchless equipment for sale.

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