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At PrimeLine Products, Inc., we understand the importance of finding the choosing the right equipment to start your pipe lining. Over the years, methods of sewer and drain repair have grown allowing for trenchless technologies to become an industry standard services that residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, and institutional customers can count on. No matter what type of customer you primarily want to service, it is essential to choose pipe lining equipment that is affordable, high-quality, and built to last.

All of the pipe lining equipment we offer at PrimeLine Products, Inc. is put through extensive testing to ensure its success when performing services to customers throughout your service area(s). When stating your pipe lining business, you will need the proper equipment to conduct efficient pipe services at every property you visit.

First, you must have sewer and drain cleaning equipment. Sewer and drain cleaning equipment allow you to properly prepare your customers’ pipe systems for repair. All of the pipe cleaning products we offer allow you to conduct the cleaning services that best meet their needs whether it is hydro jetting or descaling. Our cleaning equipment includes nozzles and cutters such as LumberJack Cutters or BL Swiper Sewer Nozzle.


Second, you need lining materials that effective create a new pipe inside of your customers sewer or drain system. Lining tubes and lining resin are essential pipe lining equipment because they are what allows you to effectively line a system while making sure the resin adheres to the interior walls of the pipeline. The tube can be measured and cut to fit the pipe whether a single section or entire length of a pipe needs to be lined. The resin we offer provide you with is a highly-chemical resistant material that will bond to a variety of pipe materials, guaranteeing your lining services will last for years to come.  

Our team at PrimeLine Products, Inc. is passionate about assisting you with establishing your brand and building your reputation as a pipe lining company. Offering pipe lining services to residents in your areas will allow them to feel supported and want to seek out services that are noninvasive and efficient. If you have any questions about our pipe lining equipment or would like to discuss more about which products are best for you, contact us today.  



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