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People living in Orlando, Florida are usually unaware of the importance of preventive maintenance of sewer pipes. This is because sewer pipes are hidden out of sight. Below our bathroom and kitchen floors, we have no visual way to know whether a pipe needs maintenance or not. It’s different from every other object at home. We will notice if a light bulb doesn’t turn on or if a door won’t shut. We’ll notice right away and take action to fix it.

But it’s not so easy with sewer pipes and drains.

So one morning after waking up you find that the toilet won’t drain or the kitchen sink is filling up with water. The day just got complicated but all of this could have been avoided by understanding what’s causing that blockage and how to avoid it in the future.

What Causes Sewer Blockages?

Bathroom Drains

Bathroom drains are usually clogged up by the accumulation of human hair, soap, and shampoo. This combination clings to the walls of your sewer pipes and as time goes by the buildup will clog the pipe, making drainage difficult.

How to Avoid This:

  • Install finer strainers in the bathroom drains and clean them regularly to ensure that fallen hair doesn’t go down the drain.
  • To avoid soap deposits, pour boiling water in your drains. If you do this regularly, you could help reduce the accumulation of soaps and similar products in the sewer pipes.

Kitchen Drains

The culprit in the case of kitchen sinks is usually fat, grease and food particles which deposit on the walls of the drain pipes.

How to Avoid This:

  • If you let the hot water tap run in the kitchen sink it could help reduce the accumulation of fat and grease in the sewers but a better and more effective way is to have a FOG (fat/oil/grease) receptor installed in the drain of the kitchen sink. You would then just have to open the FOG receptor and remove accumulated fat/grease/ food particles from the receptor.
  • Some housewives use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean their drains regularly followed immediately by pouring very hot water into the drain.
  • Also please remember to dispose pieces of meat, chicken bones, vegetable and fruit peels into the garbage disposal bin.

Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Whatever the reason for the blockage in the drain pipes, it’s too late for temporary measures such as drain cleaning chemicals. A variety of drain cleaning chemicals is available in supermarkets and offers a cheap quick fix solution to clogged drains. You should know that the indiscriminate use of harsh drain cleaning chemicals could actually cause sewer pipe corrosion.

Tree Roots growing into Main Sewer Drain

Tree roots can grow into the main sewer drain which connects to the public utility sewer. These tree roots can not only block the sewer drain but could also damage it, resulting in leakage of sewage into your garden or walkway entrance.

How to Avoid This:

  • Carefully read your home building plan to know the route of your main sewer pipe connecting to the public utility sewer and don’t plant any trees near main the sewer pipe route.

In the end, you could be the most careful person in the world and still have sewer pipe problems. A lot of times it’s not your fault. You just might have an old plumbing system, or really bad luck. In any case, at Prime Line Products offer sewer pipe maintenance facilities in Orlando, Florida. Call us at 877-265-2139 to schedule an appointment to conduct a regular sewer pipe checkup.

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