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Why You Should Offer Chemical Grouting

PrimeLine Products is proud to offer chemical grouting supplies that can help boost your business. But if you’re not yet offering chemical or permeation grouting as a way to stabilize soil, control groundwater, or resolve similar underground issues, here’s why you should consider doing so.

Offering an Economic Advantage

Whether being used for manhole and joint sealing, soil stabilization, or to encapsulate hazardous waste, chemical or cement grouting is a budget-friendly alternative to other more invasive techniques that can be used for the same purposes. This can be appealing to your customers since many property owners today are looking for ways to minimize expenses while still achieving the desired results.

Minimizing Excavation Requirements

The chemical grouting process is done in a way that minimizes how much excavation work you’ll have to do to reach the problem area and apply the appropriate mixture. This alone is often very much appreciated when it comes to keeping landscape and related surface damage to a minimum. What this ultimately does is allow you to pass on the savings to your customers.

Allowing Work to Be Done in Tight Spaces

Another reason to offer chemical grouting for soil stabilization or instances when water infiltration needs to be mitigated is because of the ability to complete the work even when space is limited. It can also be done in situations where there is limited access for municipal, industrial, commercial, or geotechnical applications.

Maintain Control of Your Project and keep all of the Profit

Most jobs are time sensitive. When you use a subcontractor you lose control whether it’s making sure everything is done properly and when the job will be completed.  Stay in control and do it yourself.  The capital equipment is minimal for many applications and if skilled labor is an issue, we can help train them for you. So keep the project in-house, stop paying subcontractors and sharing your profits with them.

Get What You Need Right Here

PrimeLine Products is your trusted source for Avanti chemical grouting and any other supplies you may need to offer your customers innovative and cost-effective solutions. We’re ready to provide any assistance you may need to complete your order.

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