Why Epoxy Pipe Lining is the Best Option for Sewer and Drain Repair

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As industry professionals, we know that customers can be discouraged to seek professional assistance when they are experiencing sewer and drain problems. Making the choice to offer traditional and trenchless services or purely trenchless technologies is highly-beneficial and will allow you to service more residential, commercial, and municipal property owners in your area and beyond. Your team of technicians needs to be able to service a wide range of customers on a day to day basis, and trenchless technologies provides an excellent way for your team to produce satisfying results.

If you are thinking about offering epoxy pipe lining to your customers but you are not quite convinced, there are several reasons epoxy pipe lining is the best option for sewer and drain repair.

Pipe lining is noninvasive and does not cause excess property damage.

The epoxy pipe lining process only requires one access point to complete sewer and drain repair. Repairing pipes using pipe lining does not involve any excavation which means that the landscape around the property you are servicing does not need to be extensively refilled.

Pipe lining allows for point or full-length repair

One of the best aspects of epoxy pipe lining is that it is a service that you can perform on a small section of a pipe or the entire length of a damaged pipe. Point repair minimizes unnecessary replacement of pipelines and builds a good rapport with your clients. In addition, pipe lining can be done on multiple pipes within one system which makes it easier for you and your team to conduct pipe repair.

Pipe lining does not require the full-replacement of pipes

In the past, full excavations and replacements were conducted for pipes that could have been repaired with pipe lining. Instead of spending time digging-and-replacing pipes, you are able to take the time to perform quality pipe inspections, pipe cleanings, and pipe repairs.

Pipe lining saves time allowing you to service more customers throughout the day.

When your team is having to perform lengthy excavations, it is a time-consuming process that limits the number of customers you are able to service in a day. Epoxy pipe lining eliminates the time constraint because the process can take as little as 2 hours if heat is used to cure the pipe in place.

At PrimeLine Products, we encourage your company to consider making the switch to epoxy pipe lining or invest in our lasting epoxy pipe lining equipment.



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