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At PrimeLine Products, Inc., our company has partnered with Picote Solutions to ensure you are provided with the best tools to conduct a variety of pipe lining services. Picote technology is extremely efficient because of the way it aids to the pipe lining process and solves any pipe lining problems you may be fixing for your customers.

At PrimeLine Products, Inc., we offer Picote tools that allow your team to solve a variety of pipeline problems and provide lasting solutions.

Picote Collapsed Liner Removal

Sometimes the pipe lining process does not always go as smoothly as you expect, but The Twister Liner Remover Duo is perfect for correcting a collapsed liner within your customers’ system.

Picote Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a vital part of the trenchless process which is why Picote Solutions offers technicians tools including the Maxi Miller, Mini Miller, Midi Miller, Grinding Chains, and PVC Twister Cleaner. All of the drain cleaning tools we offer to provide you with a safe, productive, and efficient ways to clean your customers’ pipes.

Picote Lateral Cutters

Providing industry professionals with reliable lateral cutters is extremely important because they are an essential part of the trenchless pipe repair and replacement process. Picote’s lateral cutter equipment is award winning which is why we offer the Smart Cutter, Pipe Cutter, Twister Mini, and Twister Express.

Picote Pipe Coating

Pipe lining is a leading trenchless technology and PrimeLine is proud to offer the best resin lining solution that is easy for your technicians to handle.

Picote Rooter and Scale Removal

Drain cleaning can become tricky when dealing with calcified clogs and tree roots, Picote Solutions understands the need to have stronger equipment that can handle the most difficult clogs and blockages with accuracy and speed. We offer Picote’s Twister Concrete Remover, Grinding Chains, and Smart Cutter, so your team can fix pipe imperfections with confidence.

Picote Solutions is a company that specializes in high-speed sewer and drain rehabilitation products. As a global manufacturer, their products are always effective which allows for your company to have access to state-of-the-art equipment that is leading the trenchless industry. Our PrimeLine and Picote partnership is built through a mutual passion for advancing trenchless sewer and drain services through innovation and education on the equipment industry professionals are investing in and purchasing.

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