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Unfortunately, underground water lines can be damaged by tree roots and shifting soil. The installation of a new pipe is a very big job. PrimeLine Products gives homes and businesses a better option. Here’s why you should choose Maxliner Lateral Lining as opposed to complete pipe replacement.

Less Expensive

If you decide to replace a sewer line, the cost can be extremely expensive. You can save a lot of money by choosing a lateral pipe lining system. As lateral lining doesn’t require any extensive digging, labor costs will be a lot lower. Property owners also won’t have to pay any re-landscaping fees.

Saves Time

Complete pipe replacement is a very involved process. To finish the job, it often takes at least five days. This means you won’t be able to use the plumbing system for quite some time. Lateral pipe lining equipment enables your sewer line to be repaired far quicker. In many instances, workers can complete the task in just a few hours.

Prevents Damage to Your Yard

Traditional pipe replacement requires work crews to bring in heavy-duty equipment. This equipment can destroy your yard. Maxliner lateral lining features no-dig technology. The technicians are able to repair your existing piping without any excavating. You will be able to preserve the landscaping.

Long-Lasting Results

Lateral lining materials are extremely durable. The special epoxy resin can easily last for more than 50 years. After the lining has been installed, you’ll have extra peace of mind for years to come. It permanently bonds to all types of piping, including cast iron and concrete.

Suitable for Historic Sites

Complete pipe replacement is not recommended for historic sites. Lateral pipe lining is hands-down the safer option.

If you need lateral pipe lining supplies, be sure to contact PrimeLine Products. Call us or purchase online today.



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