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A flex cutter system or robotic cutting involves the removal of substance or material from the piece you’re working on. Cutters typically divide or remove material. As you can imagine, they’re strikingly accurate. Their level of precision helps you avoid any wasted product. The type of blade to use on a particular project depends on the kind of cut needed. Cutting applications produce dust which shouldn’t be inhaled by workers, but robotic cutters create a safer work environment.

What are robotic cutters used for?

Robotic cutters have a multitude of applications. They can be used to get pipes ready for re-lining and repair intrusion of roots or encrustation. Robotic cutters work very fast and are fairly simple to operate. The cutters are used within water, stone, and sewer pipelines to reinstate connections laterally. Although, an electric cutter is an option.

Lateral cutters or robotic cutters use a router bit to cut holes into the cured pipe. The robotic cutter is used to open lateral lines so that wastewater can flow into it. Once these lines are opened, the cutter is taken out and reinserted using a wire brush that carefully files or cuts polyurethane.

Water cutters are preferable because the water cools the bit and lubricates the bearings. As a result, a machine with a water-driven motor lengthens the lifetime of the drill bit and ceramic bearings. It makes quick work of cutting hammer taps, clay, concrete, brick, cast iron, and a number of other materials. The technology is sophisticated, but a cutter is still easy to maintain.

Understanding the reinstatement cutting system

A lateral reinstatement cutting system uses cameras to assist plumbers with cutting a cured pipe. Operators of these sophisticated cutters often use it to complete trenchless pipe replacement. Reinstatement cutting systems are a cost-effective way to complete a project.

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