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Pipe bursting is a method of sewer pipe replacement which is trenchless so you will not have to dig the ground to get your pipe repaired or replaced. So in this method, the damaged pipe that is under your garden is replaced with a new one without necessarily having to dig your lawn. The pipe is broken entirely by either splitting or fracture using an internally mechanical applied force by a special bursting equipment. At the same instance the damaged pipe is destroyed, a new pipe of a larger of the same diameter is pulled in to replace the damaged pipe. The fragments of the broken pipe are displaced outwards as the new pipe is pulled in to take its place. This method of pipe replacement is the most widely used trenchless method of pipe replacement. I am going to take you in a step by step guide on how to use a bursting equipment to break and replace a damaged pipe.

Procedure of using a pipe bursting equipment.

A pipe bursting equipment is a cone shaped tool known as the “Bursting Head” that is used to break and existing damaged sewer pipe and at the same time replace it with a new pipe without digging any trench on the ground.


The rear end of the bursting head is always connected to the new pipe that is to be installed and take the place of the existing pipe so that as the existing pipe is broken the new pipe takes its place automatically. The new pipe should be of the same size or larger than the existing pipe. This is the first necessary preparation.

The front end of the bursting head is connected to either connected to a pulling rod or a long enough winching cable. This again is another necessary step before starting the whole process of pipe bursting.

The new pipe and the bursting head are supposed to enter through the insertion pit of the existing pipe and the winching cable should first be inserted so as to pull the bursting head towards the receiving pit when it is pulled from that end of the existing pipe.

The cone shaped Bursting Head is inserted to the existing pipe to be replaced from the launching pit. It is forced to pass through it when the cable is pulled from the reception pit creating energy that acts as a fracturing force on the existing sewer pipe breaking it and pushing its fragments away into the soil. It also causes the bursting head to expand the diameter of the cavity to make it possible for the new pipe to take the place of the broken pipe. So, generally, the bursting head is forced through the debris of the broken pipe creating a temporary cavity and pulling the new pipe behind it which was to replace the broken pipe.

In Conclusion, the above is the step by step procedure that have to be taken for any successful sewer pipe bursting. The source of energy to drive the bursting head depends is not only the pulling rod or cable. Hydraulic power or pneumatic power can also be used depending on the design of the bursting system to be used.



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