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Have you heard about trenchless pipe bursting and wondered what it is all about? Pipe bursting is used as a method to repair an underground sewer or drain pipe that is damaged. The result, when this process is complete, is a new pipe that is installed without having to do extensive digging. No trench is necessary so there is no damage to expensive landscaping.

The lack of digging is the biggest benefit of the trenchless pipe bursting method. No removal is needed for the old pipe as a new pipe will be pulled into place. This is only one benefit of this process, but you should also know important steps of the process. There are three steps that need to be done for this type of sewer or drain pipe repair.

Step 1 – Equipment Installation

Two small holes or openings need to be dug in your yard for the pipe bursting repair method. One hole will be the starting point and the other will be the end point. This could be a simple pit in the yard, or a simple access point in a basement or above a manhole. No trench is necessary between these points. The hole that is used for the starting ping is where equipment to start the trenchless pipe bursting process is set up.

A long cable needs to be inserted into the end point and pulled out the starting point. This cable will often be made of a strong steel. Once the cable is connected to the machine, the process can begin. The cable is what pulls the new sewer or drain pipe through the existing pipe.

Step 2 – Pipe Creation And Insertion

Once step 1 is complete, the new pipe should be ready to insert as a replacement. This new pipe will be placed at the end point as it will be pulled through the existing pipe. The new pipe is somewhat smaller than the old pipe and is made from parts that will be welded together. Underground sewer or drain pipe may not always be straight as there may be joints.

The machine being used for trenchless pipe bursting has a burst head, where a replacement pipe will be secured. The burst head will be attached to the cable that was set up in step 1. The cable will pull on the burst head while the machine is pulling on the cable. As this happens, the burst head will be forced into the existing pipe and expand it to make room for the replacement pipe.

Step 3 – Equipment Disassembly and Touch Up

The trenchless pipe bursting process is complete when the burst head has made its way through the old pipe and has reached the machine. This means the old pipe has been burst or expanded ad the new pipe is now in place. The next step is to remove the burst head from the cable which should have been taken out of the pipe.

The openings at the end point and starting point will then be sealed or covered. This involves filling each hole that was dug or replacing floor materials, if an access point was in a basement. The result will be an area that looks nearly the same as before the repair work started.

The steps of trenchless pipe bursting are pretty straightforward and is the reason this is one of the better pipe replacement methods available. This is a better choice than pipe lining, especially if the old pipe is too old or too damaged. Make sure trained technicians are doing the work, as you do not want any problems to appear later because of inexperienced workers.

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